Express 250

Specifications and Ordering Information

Ordering Information

The order codes below represent specific product configurations. Other product options are available. Please contact ChargePoint Sales for information and order codes.


Description Order Code
Model Express 250 Station (50 kW) includes 2x Power Modules, 1x CCS1 cable, 1x CHAdeMO cable CPE250C-500-CCS1-CHD
  Express 250 Station (62.5 kW) includes 2x Power Modules, 1x CCS1 cable, 1x CHAdeMO cable CPE250C-625-CCS1-CHD
Option Other cable combinations are available using CCS1, CCS2 and CHAdeMO connectors. Please contact ChargePoint Sales

Cloud Plans and Software

Description Order Code
ChargePoint Cloud Plan Please contact ChargePoint sales
ChargePoint Assure — Prepaid Assure Plan for one Power Module. Express 250 requires 2x EXPRESS-ASSUREn to cover the two Power Modules and the CPE250 station. EXPRESS-ASSUREn1
ChargePoint Assure — Assure Plan for one Power Module and invoiced annually. Express 250 requires 2x EXPRESS- ASSUREn to cover the two Power Modules and the CPE250 station. EXPRESS-ASSUREn- COMMIT1
Software upgrade token for Express 250 to increase max power from 50 kW to 62.5 kW CPE250C-625-UPGRADE
Station Activation and Configuration CPSUPPORT-ACTIVE

All CPE250 stations require a cloud plan.
1 Substitute desired years of service (1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 years) for n

Order Code Examples

If ordering this... ...then order code is
Express 250 Station (50 kW) includes 2x Power Modules, 1x CCS1 cable, 1x CHAdeMO cable (NA) CPE250C-500-CCS1-CHD
Express 250 Station (50 kW) includes 2x Power Modules, 1x CCS2 cable, 1x CHAdeMO cable (EU) CPE250C-500-CCS2-CHD
3 years of prepaid Assure coverage upon successful site validation. Assure covers Power Modules & station. Express 250 requires 2x EXPRESS-ASSURE3 for its 2 Power Modules. 2 x EXPRESS-ASSUREn3
Station Activation and Configuration CPSUPPORT-ACTIVE

Express 250 Specifications

Station Electrical Input

Input Rating 480 V AC, 3-phase, 81 A, 60 Hz
Wiring 3 conductors (L1, L2, L3) and Ground

Station Electrical Input

Max Output Power 62.5 kW
Output Voltage, Charging 200 V – 1000 V DC
Max Output Current 156 A kW
Max Modules per Station 2

Power Module

Max Output Power per Module 31.25 kW
Max Output Current per Module 78 A

Station Functional Interfaces

Max Connector Types per Station Up to 3 different connector types per station
Supported Connector Types CHAdeMO, CCS1 (SAE J1772TM Combo), CCS2 (IEC 61851-23)
Cable Length 4,4 m (14.5 ft) horizontal reach with cable management
Driver Interaction Display Full-color 10-inch LCD display for driver interaction
Top Display Full-color 20-inch LED display for notifications
Authentication RFID: NEMA, ISO15693, ISO 14443, NFC (Android, iOS) Plug and Charge: IEC 15118-1 Remote: Mobile and in vehicle (if supported by vehicle)

Measurement & Connectivity Features

Power Measurement Accuracy +/- 1% from 10% to full scale
Power Report/Store Interval 10 seconds
Local Area Network 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz WiFi (802.11 b/g/n)
Wide Area Network GSN, CDMA, and LTE

Energy Management Features

Dynamic Power Management Allows a fixed maximum power output per station or lets the system dynamically manage the power distribution per station
Power Module Energy Balancing Balances the number of hours of operation of each module and optimizes power module usage
Remote Energy Management Manage output power via the ChargePoint Admin Portal, API, and Open ADR 2.0b VEN

Safety and Operational Ratings

Vehicle Safety Communication CHAdeMO – JEVS G104 over CAN, CCS1 – SAE J1772 over PLC and CCS2 — IEC 61851-23
Plug-out Detection Power terminated per JEVS G104 (CHAdeMO), SAE J2931 (CCS1) and IEC 61851-23 (CCS2) specification
Station Enclosure Rating Type 3R, IP 44
Safety Compliance For U.S., complies with UL 2202, UL 2231-1, UL 2231-2.
For Europe, complies with: IEC 62196, IEC 61851
Station Surge Protection Tested to IEC 6100-4-5, Level 5 (6 kV @ 3000 A). In geographic areas subject to frequent thunder storms, supplemental surge protection at the service panel is recommended.
EMC Compliance U.S.: FCC part 15 Class A; EU: EN55011, EN55022 and IEC61000-4
Power Conversion Efficiency 96%
Power Factor 0.99
Harmonics iTHD < 5% (Complies with IEEE 519 Requirements)
Power Module Cooling Liquid Cooling Technology
Operational Altitude <3000 m (<9800 ft)
Operating Temperature -30° C to +50° C (-22° F to +122° F)
Storage Temperature -40° C to +50° C (-40° F to +122° F)
Operating Humidity Up to 95% @ +50° C (+122° F) non-condensing

Generic Specifications

Station Dimensions 2230 mm x 712 mm x 420 mm (7 ft 4 in x 2 ft 4 in x 1 ft 4 in)
Station Weight (without Modules) 250 kg (551 lb)
Station Dimensions 760 mm x 430 mm x 130 mm (2 ft 6 in x 1 ft 5 in x 5 in)
Power Module Weight 38 kg (84 lb)

ChargePoint, Inc. reserves the right to alter product offerings and specifications at any time without notice, and is not responsible for typographical or graphical errors that may appear in this document.

Power Module Output Characteristic

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